Neurological Rehabilitation

    Physiotherapy can play a significant role in optimizing your ability to function after a neurological injury or after a diagnosis of a neurological disorder. Neurological Rehabilitation can benefit those who have sustained a neurological injury (such as a stroke, traumatic/acquired brain injury or spinal cord injury) or have been diagnosed with a neurological disorder (such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease or Post-Polio Syndrome). As with all services provided at Lake Country Physiotherapy, treatment will be goal-centered; this is especially important after a neurological injury as your brain is the control centre for your body. Treatment sessions will be longer to allow adequate time to treat the neuromuscular system, and to accommodate for the cognitive and emotional changes that can often occur alongside the physical changes that you are seeking treatment for.

    A Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) trained physiotherapist has an understanding of typical and atypical development and movement patterns. A physiotherapist with NDT training will use a problem-solving approach to assess activity and participation to identify and prioritize relevant impairments to establish achievable outcomes and goals. Specific therapeutic handling techniques will be used during assessment and treatment in order to achieve participation in meaningful activities. Most importantly, neurological rehabilitation focuses on functional training; while treatment with your therapist will focus on specific skills and tasks, practicing these skills within safe and enjoyable activities outside of your treatment time will maximize the benefits achieved in your therapy sessions.

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