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Concussion Management and Treatment

    Concussion is a form of brain injury caused by a force directed to the body, head, face or jaw causing changes in brain function. Concussion symptoms are varied and can be effectively treated by a physiotherapist who will tailor treatment to an individual with the goal of return to sport and activities of daily living.

    Ideally, athletes undergo baseline testing so that if they sustain a concussion there is a baseline for comparison. Baseline testing, as well as post-concussion assessment, involves neurocognitive testing, balance testing and oculomotor testing. Neurocognitive testing measures memory, reaction time, attention span and problem solving. These measures allows the physiotherapist to track an athlete’s recovery while providing a measurement of readiness for return-to-play.

    Treatment of concussion by your physiotherapist will include education, exercise, home instruction on academic/workplace accommodations and resting strategies. Additionally, manual therapy and physical rehabilitation are often required for the treatment of concurrent musculoskeletal injuries. Timely treatment of concussion is essential not only for successful return to sport or activities of daily life, but also in the prevention of Post Concussion Syndrome and Second Impact Syndrome.

    If you or a loved one have sustained a concussion, or are involved in activities that may place you as risk for a concussive injury, contact Lake Country Physiotherapy to schedule an assessment.

    If you are involved in a sports team in Simcoe County and the surrounding area, and are interested in opportunities for your team regarding concussion management, please contact us for more information

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