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Sports Physiotherapy

Have you recently sustained a sports injury of some kind? You might be dealing with some lasting painful effects as a result.

Physiotherapy plays a key role in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. No matter what your condition or sports injury might be, physiotherapy is a great option for providing natural and safe pain relief.

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Types of Injuries Physiotherapy Can Help

Sometimes, even with the proper prevention stretching techniques, unfortunately, injuries do happen. Most sports injuries fall into the following categories:

  • Contusions – swelling in the muscle, usually as a result of direct impact.
  • Sprains – tears to tendons or ligaments, usually in or

 around a joint.

  • Strains – tears or ruptures in the muscle fibers.

Injury Management:

If you receive a sports related injury, understanding immediate care procedures is vital to a speedy recovery. Many physiotherapists follow and recommend the RICE model. RICE stands for:

  • Rest 
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

If minor symptoms persist for more than 2-3 days, it’s a good idea to seek professional help. Sports physiotherapy is designed to relieve any pain & swelling you may experience, restore normal range of motion and flexibility, restore full strength and endurance, and also to educate on how to prevent any recurring injuries.

Injury Prevention

A physiotherapist has extensive training regarding the human body and how it functions. The best way to keep from experiencing sports-related pain is to learn how to prevent it in the first place!

Your physiotherapist at Lake Country Physiotherapy will be able to help design proper warm-up and cool-down exercises, and advise on training and conditioning. He or she will work with you to develop a prevention regime that fits your specific needs. This way you can ensure that in the future you are doing your best to prevent a painful sports-related injury.

Although your primary goal may be pain relief, the injury may not be completely healed until flexibility, strength and function are restored. Your sports physiotherapist will work with you for lasting pain relief, monitor your progress, and also be able to discern whether or not your injury is completely healed so you can plan for getting back in the game!

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Physiotherapy for sports-related injuries is a 100% natural, effective, and safe alternative to expensive surgery or medication. Our physiotherapists here at Lake Country Physiotherapy are ready to help you get back to playing the sports you love. Contact us today to make an appointment!